Bolormaa Luvsandorj is the founder and CEO of BFAS LLC. She brings over 20 years of international experience in financial sector holding senior management positions in Mongolian leading financial institutions. She is the President of Women Entrepreneurs Council at Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Mrs. Bolormaa invests in social enterprises and she will play key role in business development, and funding for start-ups.

Project Sponsor

Bolormaa Luvsandorj

Bilguun Dashdorj is the CEO of Gerege Asset Management LLC. He brings over 10 years of finance experience holding positions in Nomura Securities Japan, Ministry of Finance of Mongolia and leading brokerage firms and investment banks. Mr. Bilguun will play key role in improving accountancy and advising start-ups on solving financial issues such as financial planning, and finding suitable funding sources.

Financial advisor

Bilguun Dashdorj

Batzaya Batsaikhan, is an entrepreneur, UX designer, book publisher, and creative director. As an interdisciplinary professional by trade, Zack is carving his way in technology, design, media, and publishing with a goal to make lasting positive impact on people and the society. Mr. Batzaya will play key role in advising start-ups in the fields of product development, product design and marketing & sales strategy.

Product design Marketing & Sales

Batzaya Batsaikhan


Business Development Manager

Suvd Jargalsaikhan

Namuugerel Batbayar is the CEO of Silver Light Securities LLC, a newly founded brokerage firm. She previously worked as an investment manager for Golomt Capital LLC, one of the leading investment banks and brokerage firms in Mongolia where she participated in issuance of private and public bonds, IPOs and advised VIP clients on wealth management. Ms. Namuugerel will play a key role in coordinating existing projects and overseeing daily operations of the accelerator.

Social Entrepreneurs Trainer

Namuugerel Batbayar

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