About Our Services

We designed our services to meet the specific needs of young entrepreneurs. Our team is diverse with experience in business, finance, start-ups, and investments in Mongolia.

01. Business Development

We assist entrepreneurs in developing and enhancing their business models, market expansions, partnerships and other support to accelerate their existing business model.

02. Financial Advisory

We source and screen early stage social enterprises and support them into becoming an investible opportunities. Our financial advisory includes financial planning, business plan development, projections, and valuation of business.

03. Market and Product Development

We assist our entrepreneurs in enhancing their existing products, creating new products and services, marketing, sales and market expansion.

04. Capacity Building

We assist entrepreneurs in HR development, training the team through our social entrepreneurship and leadership programs, assist in finding suitable technical experts and mentors.

05. Seed Investment

For entrepreneurs with tested products and initial revenue streams we provide seed capital to meet their growing needs and to become an investable opportunity.

06. Crowd-funding

We are in process of developing a crowd-funding platform to assist our entrepreneurs to meet like-minded global impact investors, family offices and individuals. We expect to have measurable social impact to report to our investors.

Selection criteria

We are searching for the right teams with great ideas to be part of KITE:

Existing Product

Our ideal candidates are entrepreneurs with an existing product(s) and initial revenue traction.

New idea with potential to become a unique product

Entrepreneurs with the right idea and initial prototype product designed to solve issues in our target sectors are welcome.

Strong proven demand for the product

Ideally, the candidates should already have performed a market research that identifies demand and scalability of the products and services.

Strong Team

The change-makers with passion and problem solving skills, incentivized to become a value-add shareholder of the enterprise.

Social impact

Entrepreneurs to share our mission to positively contribute to society.

Throw your dreams into space.

We empower you.