Project A

STATUS: investing

Social interactive platform that connects teachers, parents, and students with an aim of creating a collaborative effort to give a quality education to children, increase parent’s attention to their children’s education, behavior and problems and assist parents in providing qualified specialist advices in children’s health and education. Through the platform parents receive information regarding child’s behavior at school, monitor their academic performance, and receive an advice from teachers. The platform improves teacher-parent-child relationship and prevents from child abuse and accidents derived from the lack of parental care.

Project A - education

Project B

STATUS: investing

Online language learning platform that helps to overcome the main obstacle to learning languages, live communication. It brings students and teachers together through a live session at any time and any place.

Project B - education

Project C

STATUS: initial set-up

Online platform to assist the patients and doctors to communicate effectively by providing necessary medical history records, to prevent unnecessary medical examinations and analysis, to reduce medical costs for patients and to save time in waiting /commuting. The patients can take their records anywhere in the world and hospitals can access their records through a unique link available at the time of visit.

Project C - medical

Project D

STATUS: initial set-up

A digital market platform to connect local producers and start-up companies with consumers, promote their products and assist with logistics and payments.

Project D - consumer

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